The Model 132, with Unverferth's patented automatic stems (arms), travels back and up from a single pivot point for trouble-free use in hard and rocky soils. In addition, it has a wider and stronger draft arm for greater stability and strength.

  • Maximum root development of plants

    Compaction, in addition to being the main cause of surface erosion, reduces yields by preventing roots from developing freely, throughout the soil, in search of water and nutrients.

    Unverferth subsoilers help reduce compaction, improve infiltration conditions and porosity, with minimal alteration of the soil surface, preparing it for the best root development of plants, avoiding losses of stored carbon and favoring the survival of microorganisms.

  • Stems (Arms)

    Rods are field tested to 2,700kg breakout pressure for consistent working depth.

    • The 19mm wide, high strength design provides maximum strength and minimum soil disturbance, breaking up the compacted layer up to 50cm deep.
    • It has a 45mm high-center tip with a tapered design for less ground breaking at higher speeds.
    • Cast and heat treated reversible wear bars increase stem durability. Narrower in the center to easily cut through the soil and to alleviate deeper compaction, with minimal surface disturbance
    • OPTIONAL: Protection Kit - Abrasion resistant increases stem life.
  • Cutting disks

    • The discs are placed directly in front of the stems to optimize the flow of waste.
    • 680kg of ground pressure easily cuts through the heaviest debris.
    • Two disc options: 20″ corrugated or 24″ flat to suit ground conditions.
    • Cast saw blade mounting clamps have a bi-directional clamp to keep the blade in line with the shank for minimal ground disturbance.
    • Two heavy-duty tapered roller bearings protected with triple lip seals, O-rings and recessed hubcaps with retaining rings for long-term, trouble-free use.
  • Chassis

    The right-weight-for-the-job, all-welded, rigid construction chassis provides excellent stability and depth maintenance in all soil types.

    • Double framed, all-welded construction with a 6" x 6" back bar.
    • Exceptional 38″ undercarriage clearance to improve waste flow.
    • The implement's unique design allows for shank positioning at variable row spacings from 20″ to 40″. Working width up to 25% greater than the competition.
    • Available in 4 to 9 stem models with 30″ spacing.
  • Rolling Harrow

    Perfect conditioning of the soil cover, adjustable downward pressure and angled knives add to the low disturbance of the soil surface by the design of the Power UM 132/30 shanks providing a homogeneous coverage, which improves the work at the time of planting.

    It cuts and evenly distributes the residues for a better subsequent sowing and a more uniform emergence of the plants.

    Field-proven angled and slotted blades are specifically designed for cutting and chopping action on aggressive debris.

  • Unique with decompaction wings

    Breaker wings, exclusively developed by Unverferth, allow for greater row spacing, increasing working width and acres per hour for the same number of shanks, power and fuel consumption as the tractor. In addition, they are designed to break compacted underground layers.

  • Stabilizer Wheel

    Excellent depth control , easily adjustable stabilizer wheel system without extra effort or tools.

    • Tool-less adjustment for field-to-field versatility.
    • Rigid frame models are equipped with new 7.60 x 15 8-ply tires; 6-10 folding stem models have 9.5L x 15 8-ply tires, and 12- and 16-groove models have 12.5x15 10-ply tires.