Precise, fixed or variable dose

Proper broadcast fertilization requires precise distribution and doses, whether fixed or variable, to ensure high yields, maintain soil fertility equally throughout the area, and reduce high production costs, mainly fertilizers. Traditional 3-point machines have a gravity dosage system, which does not achieve a good dosage, providing lower performance and stained floors.

Fertimap inox 3P - 2000

It is a hydraulic fertilizer of third point of the tractor, of national manufacture, project and development of Líder Map SA.

  • It allows to distribute agricultural lime, plaster, fertilizers and seeds.
  • High work performance in fertilization coverage, from 25 to 40 has/hour.
  • Electronic dose control, uniform and precise application in a single and variable dose.
  • Hydraulically driven belt dosing, with a wide range of doses.
  • Hopper capacity of 2 tons, up to 2 Big bags.
  • Easy transport from one field to another, by truck or trailer.
  • Low investment and high return.

Metering System

It has a hydraulically activated dosing tape, which allows to ensure correct doses and uniformity in the application. It is a smaller machine with high work capacity.

Hydraulic System

It has its own hydraulic system with motor, filter, electronic valve, RPM sensor, hoses and 10-speed gearbox, to maximize the performance of the machine.

Product Distribution

The distribution of products is carried out by a system of rotating, adjustable plates, made of INOX, activated by a cardanic bar. The working width is the largest in the category, from 24m to 32m.

Hopper Grate

The hopper screen filters and retains hardened products. On the dosing tape it has a weight container plate, which provides better performance, functionality and dosing. For the application of lime, the sheet is removed.