Greater working width - Less damage to the crop

Aluminum bar for spraying that are easy to install, without modifications, on all existing equipment and models.

Wider, fewer turns

Aluminum bars of 32m, 36m and 42m. With less weight and greater working width, fewer passes and reduced time, for the application of any agrochemical.

In addition, fuel savings are directly proportional to the % increase in the equipment's working width.

Less damage to the crop: fewer passes, fewer footsteps, less crop breakage and aggression by the self-propelled by it.

Longer equipment life: more hectares sprayed with fewer hours of work from the sprayer equipment.

Automatic release system

The greatest weight of the bar is concentrated in the central area of ​​the sprayer equipment, this allows the LEVER ARM generated by the bar to be reduced, ensuring greater stability in maneuvers and generating less stress on the swingarm.

The divided barral offers 3 levels of automatic adaptation, thus ensuring stability in unfavorable conditions.

New suspension system

Our new system is made of top quality elastomer, providing better damping performance of our bar.

  • Bar stabilization in less time.
  • Greater up and down oscillation damping in less time.
  • System that stabilizes the bar in both directions.
  • Elastomer with better damping response.