Variable Rate

TAX-Controller ISOBUS

It is a system that allows applications in fixed and variable rate with all kinds of implements, with great precision. Its efficiency, ease of use and dose regulation, were developed to maximize work efficiency and high precision in the application with errors less than 2%, accurate, fast, simple and operator friendly calibration.

Special for fertilization machines and spreaders with up to 4 motors; It allows to control individual spreader plates and also double measuring tape.

Being an ISOBUS system, it can be installed on any machine, directly connected to the standard connector of tractors equipped with this technology. It can also be installed in non-ISOBUS machines, and even to the Hydraulic system.



  • Less investment, compatibility with other brands and reduced installation time.
  • Accepts SHP file formats and also ISOBUS, which makes them lighter and provides more data from specific formats of other brands.
  • The ISOBUS file format, the ISOXML, is one for all manufacturers.
  • It facilitates the handling of information, extremely valuable in agriculture 4.0