Väderstad · Tempo L

Unmatched precision at very high speed

Väderstad Tempo is a new generation high-speed precision planter offering unmatched precision at twice the speed of traditional planter. Tempo performs exceptionally in all conditions. Crops get the best possible start, resulting in a uniform emergence..

speed is not a problem

In traditional planters, the seed falls freely through the seed tube from the seed meter to the ground. When vibrations arise as speed increases, the seed bounces off the seed tube and much of the precision
of the seed meter is lost.

This is where Tempo, with its pressurized seed meter, stands out from the crowd.

Thanks to PowerShoot technology that uses positive
air pressure to shoot seeds at 50KM / h through
the seed tube. In this way, Planter Tempo has full control of the precision of each seed, from
the hopper to the seed furrow.

total control
in seed delivery

The heart of Tempo is the unique seed metering unit, the Gilstring seed meter, which offers unrivaled precision at very high speed. The secret behind this lies in the fact that Tempo takes full control of seed delivery, from the seed meter to the ground. This unique seed control means that vibrations or slopes do not affect the precision of seed dosing.


The versatility of Tempo L allows to sow at high speed and with total precision, seeds from 2mm to 14 mm in diameter and TKW from 3g to 500g such as canola, chia, cotton, sunflower, sorghum, soybean, corn, among others.

You just have to choose the appropriate disc for the seed to be planted, make a simple and quick calibration, and go out to plant.

depth control

The Tempo L is equipped with a hydraulic wing pressure that transfers the weight from the inner section of the machine to its outer wings.

This allows Tempo L to respond to any irregularity in the field and to guarantee a uniform emergency.


It offers unrivaled planting precision in three dimensions: length, depth and end of row.

  • Row precision: exact distance between each seed.
  • Depth precision: exact depth of each seed.
  • Precision at the end of the row: seed row by row shut-off, ffertilizer and micro granulate.

High speed
fertilizer application

Precisely placing the fertilizer at the same time as planting provides a supply of nutrients where the seed needs it most. This increases the yield and efficiency of the fertilizers.

Fertilizer coulter

Tempo is equipped with a fertilizer hopper, electric dosing motors and discs to incorporate the fertilizer at high planting speed.

The fertilizer can be placed according to the needs, both on the side and in depth and make it possible to apply a force in each coulter of 220 kg, which ensures the correct application in irregular fields and provides equal conditions for the plants.

Controlling each section saves fertilizer

The electric motors for dosing the fertilizer in Tempo allows application rates up to 300 kg/ha at 15 km/h of working speed and section control in all models, some even in individual rows. This avoids product waste and reduces costs.

Optimized performance with variable rate

The electric motors allow a variable fertilizer rate control for each section, offering a higher yield with the same amount of fertilizer.

total control
at your hands

The modern iPad-based control system ‘Väderstad E-control’ connects wirelessly to the Tempo planter allowing full access to its functions and data in real time.

With the touch of a button you are able to can adjust the fertilizer or seed rate, activate and deactivate individual line row units, or monitor seeding accuracy.

In addition, the easy-to-use ‘E-control’ makes machine calibration and setup be quick and easy.

The value of high speed planting

High speed planting provides several benefits. Since a larger area can be covered with the same working width, improving accuracy, there are several ways to increase net profit.


The ideal planting window is usually narrow.
Some years extreme weather limits the time available even more. Planting within the optimal period provides the perfect temperature and moisture for the planted crop. Any delay reduces the performance potential.

Increased efficiency in the field

Planting with high speed increases the capacity of the planter.

Thus, a smaller planter can cover the same area as a larger model with another system. You benefit from greater efficiency in the field, as well as less need for tractor power.

One planter instead of two

Planting at high speed means more hectares can be planted with fewer row units.

This dramatically reduces machine costs and can also eliminate a tractor and operator in some cases.


To make transport easier, the folding system is stable, fast, and easy to maneuver. The machine moves from the transport position to the planting position in just 70 seconds and vice versa.

The opening of the working width up to 4.0 m in the working position, and the transport width down to 3.0 m in the transport mode. This is the same for all Tempo L sizes.

In transport position, the “wing” folds are positioned above the fertilizer box, the weight is centered on the chassis ensuring smooth and safe transport on roads and highways, at a speed of up to 40 km/h.

To transport the machine, it is not necessary to empty the seed and fertilizer boxes.