Storage of grains, fodder, seeds, fertilizers. IpesaSilo is such a simple solution for the storage of large volumes, which fits inside a box.

silobag IpesaSilo

IpesaSilo offers the advantage of being able to harvest and store without relying on transport, reducing costs and working time, with seasonal and geographical flexibility, especially for destinations that do not have infrastructure.

IpesaSilo is the leading brand in bag silos for grain storage, fodder, seeds, fertilizers, etc.



The reinforced IpesaSilo bag is “triple layer with UV protection”. Manufactured with the highest quality raw material under ISO 9001 Quality Management System standards, with inspection of measures by the Argentine Institute of Measurement Regulation (IRAM) and with ISO 14001 certification of Environmental Management System. All these stamps stamped on each box are a guarantee of a differentiated product.

Its exclusive development provides unmatched resistance and withstands the most extreme environmental conditions, from under snow to the highest temperatures, standing out among the other brands. Difference already verified for more than 20 years, by several client users in Paraguay.

high temperature

temperature below zero


In grain storage

When the grain is embedded in the bag, it consumes the available oxygen in it, generating an atmosphere rich in carbon dioxide, inhibiting the respiratory process and thus guaranteeing optimal conservation.

  • Thermal protection.
  • Prevents the temperature increase of the grains, preventing the development and proliferation of fungi and insects.
In the case of forages

It allows classifying reserves according to their type and quality, supplementing animals with different requirements and achieving materials with high percentages of digestibility.


It depends on the size of the bag and the type of product to be loaded.

  • Diameter: 06, 09 and 10 feet.
  • Length: 60m, 75m and 100m