Lider MAP SA in alliance with PONTUAL, provides consulting services, Development and Execution of Precision Agriculture, Soil and Water Management Projects.

precision farming

We focus on helping producers and technicians in the search for factors that limit productivity, based on soil characteristics. We help to identify, to better understand the limitations and potentials of the soil, with a focus on the peculiar (physical, chemical and morphological) characteristics of each plot. Through the mapping of the electrical conductivity of the soil associated with other information tools and auger soil surveys, we define more safely the management areas.

Irrigation and Drainage Projects

We develop surface and underground drainage projects in agriculture and livestock plots.

We conduct detailed surveys of the topography with high precision and plan the entire irrigation and drainage project for rice cultivation in order to save costs with pumping, reuse of irrigation water, facilitate and optimize the withdrawal of water from the plots.

The project contains the location of all irrigation taps, drainage ditches, roads, reservoirs and pumping points. Field demarcations can be carried out with an automatic pilot, which allows lower cost and greater agility in the execution of the project.

Leveling Projects

Through the detailed study of the micro-topography of the land and the surface behavior of the water, we developed the land forming project, adapted to each type of crop, in different areas of the country. With less amount of soil moved, less transport distance, less impact on soil fertilization and lower implementation costs.

Depending on each case, the surface correction has different designs and can be zero level, multiple slopes, controlled slope or micro relief correction with projected covers. All earth movement is controlled automatically with the use of the RTK system.

Soil and Water Conservation Projects

We develop soil projects in agriculture and livestock with terraces suitable for the use of machines. We do water studies for harvest system.

Technologies and Systems

We work with high technology in equipment and software for the development of Irrigation and Drainage Projects, Precision Agriculture, Land Leveling and aerial mapping with images of high spatial and spectral resolution.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Services and Projects, you can visit the official website at the following link.

If you are interested in knowing more about the Services and Projects, you can visit the official website at the following link.