HíPer V BASE RTK mobile

The Hiper V is a versatile GNSS receiver for everyday fieldwork. It is a mobile base with an internal radio transmitter, which can be easily installed in several fields, the same equipment can be taken where work with precision is necessary. It boasts several communication methods through unique types of radios for unique workplaces.

Safely taking its place in the latest generation of products in global satellite navigation systems (GNSS), the TOPCON Hyper V is a powerful solution at an affordable price.



  • In rice cultivation, altimetric studies, taipas projects, leveling and drainage of soils with RTK.
  • Sugarcane, contour projects and guide lines, controlled planting traffic, harvesting and transhipment with automatic pilot.
  • Water management and conservation projects, altimetric studies, reservoir projects, leveling and drainage.


  • Vanguard Technology ™ of 226 universal channels.
  • Track each current and future satellite constellation.
  • Patented Fence® unique debug antenna to provide the most advanced signal blocking.
  • Highest precision positioning for real-time kinematic (RTK), networks and more.
  • Multiple communication configurations for your various project scenarios.


  • Mobility, practicality and low maintenance.
  • Internal battery with capacity for 6 hours of work.
  • Optional external battery
  • Repeatability with fixed points in each field.
  • Range 4 to 5km with maximum altitude accuracy, for specific projects.
  • Rugged construction IP67 resistant to dust and water.