Leveling with MC-R3


TOPCON's global satellite navigation systems (GNSS) terrain formation solutions allow the operator to conduct surveys, create clearing / embankment maps and begin leveling, without even leaving the cab.

Our functions of continuous slope by sections, produce results of superior quality when adjusting to the original terrain. This improves the results, reduces soil alteration, lowers costs, shortens project programming and saves money.

The GNSS satellite reception standard (GPS + GLONASS) provides maximum precision with single or double track control. Level more than 4,900 hectares in a single installation and work 24 hours, 7 days a week, even in dusty conditions in the environment.


MC-R3 topcon

TOPCON MC-R3 contains GPS receivers, radios and controllers in a rugged unit. Valve actuators control a wide variety of excavator shovels.

Developed specifically for machine control applications, this controller combines the latest GNSS receiver technology, wireless modems, various communication port options and the System Five valve controller into a robust unit.



  • G3 tracking technology
  • Network capable receiver with GSM / CDMA
  • UHF and Spread Spectrum radio options
  • LED satellite tracking indicators and controller status
  • Advanced Multiple Route Reduction (AMR)
  • Band interference rejection option (IBIR)
  • Compliance with CMR and RTCM industry standards.
  • Flash download capability (application code reviews in the field)
  • System 5 Controller
  • Serial connection Ethernet and RS-232 and RS-485 to GPS receivers and valve controller board.

The Hyper V works as a mobile, wireless base station, fixed base or topography receiver.

The X35 console with Horizon software provides unmatched control inside the cabin.


Exceptional accuracy

TOPCON provides exceptional accuracy in single or double track configurations. All our systems have double constellation satellite reception; Having more satellites equals both greater accuracy and more continuous coverage. In addition, with laser leveling, TOPCON offers the highest degree of repeatability than any other laser, at 7 arcs per second.

Greater profitability

Better results provide greater benefits. TOPCON provides superior quality results faster and with less cost. In addition, the exceptional leveling or formation of the land will offer you a long-term improvement in productivity, but with the decrease in operating costs associated with the reduction in water use. TOPCON solutions have offered these benefits to many farmers around the world and we look forward to helping you achieve even better results.

A range of solutions to manage water use

From 2D terrain leveling to 3D terrain formation, TOPCON solutions help you optimize resources.

AGForm 3D state-of-the-art design and survey software includes the TOPCON variable slope PCWS (continuous section) field design module, which has revolutionized ground leveling by significantly reducing the volume of material moved and maintaining Design surfaces closer to the original terrain.

You achieve complete control with the ability to survey, design and create plans and reports in a single program, without fees per acre or hectare, or additional charges.