Laser Leveling

LASER RL-200 topcon

TOPCON slope lasers set new standards in simplicity and precision, they are perhaps the most advanced of all rotary construction lasers. They are used over long working distances and carry the same precision to any place with slopes, with extreme accuracy.

The RL-200 gives the machine operator a tool to establish the desired transverse slope and elevation values ​​from the driver’s seat, to obtain productivity improvements.

In addition to many features, the RL-200 comes with a complete radio remote control. All operating information is on the screen, change the inclination, select menu settings, check the operating status and even check the battery life; Everything is available while leveling.



  • Wide leveling range (up to 25% slope)
  • Up to 100h battery life
  • Increased working diameter, 1100m.
  • Understandable graphic display
  • IPX6 environment rating.


It is possible to choose between two models, the RL-200 1S for single slope or, alternatively, the RL-200 2S for double slopes. These laser tools have the power and precision to manage all your inclination checking and machine control needs.

Leveling, topography and water management.


Leveling, topography and water management.

TOPCON machine control systems provide that extra bit to ensure that deadlines are met and that the results of ground movement are a millimeter.

The Topcon System 5 is a complete leveling control package with flexible options and adaptable to different machines, with an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn operator interface. It provides greater precision and reliability for greater productivity and less waste.


TOPCON laser machine receivers and remote displays are tilt control solutions.

They are visual indicators for manual control or automatic hydraulic lifting mode. Simple and secure mechanical mounting bracket. Compatible with CAN and wireless technology.

360 ° detection, multi-color grade light indicators, adjustable grade accuracy, waterproof, dustproof, alkaline or rechargeable battery, and plumb gauge.