Decompact the soil in deep

The subsoiler is an agricultural machine designed to work the soil in depth, to decompact the cultivation land without producing the inversion of the soil profile, aerating it and allowing a better circulation of water from the deep layers of the soil.

Normally medium-high power tractor is required, since the deeper you work the more force you will need.
The tractor’s hydraulic system will allow the operator to choose the working depth according to their needs.


The subsoiler El Pato, decompacts in depth and is ideal to desalinate, improve infiltration and soil structure.
It allows underground channels for water conduction, where necessary, for example in saline soils.


Optionally you can adapt the ‘mole’, behind the fence that forms underground channels, to improve water runoff and / or for the placement of underground hoses.


  • Drag shot
  • Power demanded 120-140 HP
  • Maximum working depth 1.2m
  • Sword and fence reinforced with hard material