automatic guidance systems

TOPCON’s automatic guidance systems are two: the TOPCON AES-35 Electric Pilots and the Hydraulic Pilots, Ready (with factory hydraulics) and No Ready (for tractors without factory hydraulics).

Electric Pilots can be installed with three different Display options, while Hydraulic Pilots with two options.

The Horizon Software, available on the three bright screens that can be easily read in sunlight, brings a full range of work patterns, controlled traffic, automatic turn in the headers, intuitive and user-definable interface and screen. With Horizon software, remote access to screens for remote technical assistance is available.

The ISOBUS screens can be chosen by size criteria of 7 ”and 12.1” and, mainly, according to the desired functions for the tasks that the client needs.


With an innovative design, the AGS-2 receiver, controller and ground compensator is Topcon’s new antenna with a built-in pilot module.

It has new TopNET corrected signals: StarPoint, the lowest cost improved signal, and StarPoint Pro, the corrected signal with the highest repeatable satellite precision, with a margin of error less than 4cm.

Combined with Topcon’s premium user interface across Horizon OS and X consoles, the AGS-2 receiver is ideal for any application that requires power steering, plus it offers the benefit of positioning data for use in associated tasks.

It enables a feature called Skybridge to be enabled, providing better satellite tracking and floating RTK transitions for consistent accuracy in difficult conditions.

Antenna AGI-4 / Pilot Module
Terrain Compensator


Both the electrical and hydraulic systems carry the AGI-4 ISOBUS antenna with double GPS constellation and Glonass enabled, Cable kit and work with the same TOPNET or RTK corrected signals, which ensures high quality and precision to all.

  • The GNSS AGI-4 Antenna is the first truly modular receiver, compatible with ISOBUS, that integrates the GNSS receiver module, field compensator and pilot controller, into a single component.
  • The AGI-4 Receiver, manufactured with IP-6K9K certification and tested under severe testing, is resistant to dust and moisture, tolerating high pressure and temperature water jet.
  • The antenna is now ready to receive TOPNET signal with accuracy of 5 to 8cm. And, without unlocking cost, it allows upgrading to repeatable precision RTK, with an error of less than 2.5cm in a beam of up to 30 km.

The only difference between TOPCON’s electrical and hydraulic system is the steering components. The electrical system has a motor / flywheel kit and, the hydraulic one, a communication module (in the ready ones) or Kit electrohydraulic valve (in not ready).

Remote Technical Assistance

Now, Lider MAP technicians can control, diagnose and even solve problems remotely, remotely, by directly intervening on the consoles as if they were in the cabin.

This tool reduces the waiting time for technical service, machine stop time and extra costs.

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